Welcome to the lbcopy Project, we hope you enjoy your time on this project site. We've tried to assemble some great user documentation and developer information, and we're really excited that you've taken the time to visit this site.

What is lbcopy

This is a collection of ant tasks that used for copying (migrating) changes from one database to another using liquibase. The goal of this project is to provide an out-of-the-box reference implementation for projects to use liquibase for migrating data in their build processes.

Why Ant

Ant seemed like a clear enough solution because so many Kuali projects are already using it. Further, though Ant is used, this project uses Ivy. This way, maven can be levereged to build the ant tasks and handle dependencies at runtime. This way, we're not actually at a disadvantage with Ivy.

Anything else

Since we're using Liquibase, we are utilizing the extension infrastructure as heavily as possible. lbcopy does make minor modifications to the Liquibase codebase to function easier and simplify configuration. However, one of the core ideals is to modify as little as possible, and develop extensions for others to use within the Liquibase community itself.

That is why we have developed a companion project called lbext. Check that one out as well.

Please have a look around. We've got some great examples around here